The Family of Music

Republic of Indonesia are, administratively, a territorial unit.  However, musicologically, it can be divided into 4 areas:
1). Southern Areas:  Sunda, Jawa and Bali.
2). Malay Family:  Sumatra, closer to Malaysia Peninsular
3). Northern Areas:  Kalimantan, Sulawesi, closer to South East Asia and East Asia Family
4). East Areas:  Papua Areas, closer to Oceania Family

Dayak Music
Dayak is in the Northern Area and among the ethnic groups in Indonesia that has a family of culture, especially in music, that is very close to the music in East Asia and Southeast Asia.  For example, the Kedire instruments (mouth organ) have similarities with the music instruments sheng (Chinese), Sho (Japan), Khaen (Laos), Engkreruai (Sarawak / North Borneo), Saenghwang (Korea) and Sompotan (Sabah / North Borneo) (Taylor 1988:52). The musical scales have similarities with the scales commonly used in the East Asian regions, which is called as the pentatonic anhemitonic scales (Malm1967:24).

Translater Rosye Salz