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A. Overview

Tira Tangka Balang is a traditional term that became an icon Murung Raya District in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. In fact, Tira Tangka Balangdijadikan main slogan of the expanded district of North Barito regency in 2002 is. Tira Tangka Balang term Dayak languages ​​in a series of words from the language Kandan Joyless Day Ot Danum. In the tradition of the Dayaks, the literal meaning of the term actually Joyless Ot Danum roughly like this: If it makes a ladder to cut down a huge tree, the tree must be complete until fall. Literal sense is then widely understood by the meaning that if works do not half-heartedly, be it through. Jargon is then used as a handle and encouragement to all the citizens of District Murung Kingdom.

In addition to being the slogan of civic pride District Murung Kingdom, the term Tira Tangka Balang ultimately enshrined in the likeness of a building or monument monument placed at the heart of the Regency Murung Kingdom. The monument has become the pride of the community in the district has an area of ​​38,617 KMA ². It may be because Tira Tangka Balang used as a symbol of community spirit penggugah District Murung Kingdom, the slogan was later used also to name a cultural event, which is none other than the annual festival of arts and culture typical of Central Kalimantan, called Tira Tangka Balang Festival.

Tira Tangka Balang Festival presents various types of arts and cultural activities typical of Central Kalimantan for contested, among other traditional sports competitions, traditional dances, traditional music, karungut (art story, sort of rhyme in the tradition of songs in the tradition of Malay or Javanese), pakasak lamang (cooking rice using bamboo), menempek Kenta (make sticky rice-based foods typical Dayak), and others. Dances typical of Central Kalimantan diperlombakan in arts and cultural events include dance dance inland and coastal. In addition, the Festival also Tira Tangka Balang diperlombakan contest sons and daughters of tourism as a potential tourism ambassador Murung Raya Regency.
Tira Tangka Balang Festival

Traditional sport competitions seems to be a branch of art / culture is most favored by the connoisseurs of Tira Tangka Balang Festival an annual event so that the image is becoming more closely as a traditional sporting event competitions. Some branches of traditional creed that became typical dish Borneo Festival Tira Tangka Balang include: menyumpit, boats (traditional boat), besei kambe (tug of war over the river by boat), balogo (traditional tribal games Banjar by using coconut shell) , mangaruhi (marsh fishing tradition), sawut football (soccer fire), maneweng (the art of cutting trees), manetek (wood cutting skills), menyila (proficiency chopping wood), bagasing (top game), and others. Some of the branches of a contested race in the Festival Tira Tangka Balang divided into categories of men and women.

Festival Central Kalimantan culture Tangka Balang Tira has become an annual routine agenda followed by almost all the districts located in the District of Joyless Kingdom. The ten districts in counties that thousands of cities in Puruk Cahu include Joyless, Land Day, Laung Tuhup, Permata Intan, Sumber Barito River Babuat, Land South Siang, Barito Tuhup Kingdom, Thousand cascade, and Uut Joyless (www.wikipedia.org ).

Tira Tangka Balang Festival attended by hundreds of participants and contingents from all districts in competing for the trophy Regent Murung Kingdom. The festival is also used as a preparation as well as search for new seeds for contingent District Murung Kingdom to participate in arts and cultural events at the provincial level, Isen Mulang Festival, which in 2009 was held in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. District Murung Kingdom itself is a defending champion by winning a title as overall champion at the 2008 Festival of Isen Mulang ago.

Arts and cultural festival has become a permanent agenda Murung District Government of Great Britain and become a mainstay for the preserving and stimulating art and cultural traditions in the communities of Central Kalimantan, especially in the District Murung Kingdom. Hopefully, this festival can explore the potential and creativity of artists and cultural district in Murung Kingdom to put it in motion and art that has a high aesthetic value and reflects the personality and culture of Regency society Murung Kingdom (www.kaltengpos.com). Tira Festival Tangka Balang into the container to facilitate the artistic value of local culture that had sprung up so enrich arts and culture district Murung Kingdom, as well as attempts to fortify the influx of foreign cultures that can erode the cultural richness of the area owned by Regency Murung Kingdom.

Apart from being an attempt to preserve local tradition, the Festival event Tira Tangka Balang also begin his commodities and promotion of tourism sector Murung Raya District in and outside the region. With a main event of this art and culture routinely, is expected to increase domestic and foreign tourists visit so as to raise the prosperity of society and are expected to increase local revenue district Murung Kingdom in the future. Regent Joyless Kingdom, Willy M. Joseph, himself said that the Festival Tira Tangka Balang an attempt to preserve local arts and cultural district Murung Kingdom as a priceless asset. Regent expects, Tira Tangka Balang Festival will be able to be excellent to attract tourists to visit District Murung Kingdom so as to provide maximum contribution of the tourism sector (www.kaltengpos.com).

B. Feature

Tira Festival Tangka Balang actually offers a variety of unique charm and appeal to tourists because of the types of activities presented in the arts and cultural festival is quite rare and rarely performed in everyday life. Tira Tangka Balang Festival featuring a variety of arts and cultural areas that have local tribes in the District Murung Kingdom, including the Dayak tribe and the tribe Banjar, which is rich in culture that desperately need to be preserved to avoid extinction.

Festival attraction Tira Tangka Balang example can be seen from the traditional sports that competed, because the branches are not traditional sports are embodied in sporting events and official government version of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), such as the National Sports Week (PON), Week Local Sports (Porda), or the Provincial Sports Week (Porprov). See it like a branch that is now starting menyumpit rare. Chopsticks, in Central Kalimantan sipet known, is a traditional weapon used by the Dayak and Malay communities (Star Sariyatno, www.betang.com). Terms of use, chopsticks has its own advantages as it can be used as a weapon over long distances and do not destroy nature because the manufacture of natural ingredients.

In addition chopsticks, traditional boat race boats are also not less interesting. Is a typical boat boat boats are often used by tribal Banjar. In fact, long before the tribe Banjar emerge and evolve, boats boats have been used as an important transportation tool in the distribution of the population from the coast to the interior of Borneo. Culture boats boat is already known in 2000 BC, ie from the first migration of people Proto Malay (Melayu Tua) from the Mekong River, Yunnan, South China to Borneo. At that time, immigrants from the Proto Malay, which is the origin of the Dayak tribe, have known the equipment from the metal and in the 6th century, growing boat building boats in Kalimantan (Fikria Hidayat, www.fikria.multiply.com). However, the tradition of boat on the present Jukung start marginalized because of the preservation of the river also began to be considered again by the public. Tira Festival holding Tangka Balang expected to preserve the tradition of boat boats.
Tira Tangka Balang Festival

Not only are traditional sports miscellany is the main attraction Tira Tangka Balang Festival. Art berpantun also add vibrant performances of this culture, with the holding of competitions karungut. Karungut is the art and tells a story typical Dayak whose content is similar rhyme in the tradition of Sumatra (www.jiwamusik.wordpress.com). Karungut a kind of oral literature, similar to Mahidin in South Kalimantan or Mocopat in Central Java. Art karungut performed with highly communicative because the messages conveyed in the language of shaped poems Dayak and easy to understand the audience or listeners. Karungut accompanied by a stringed instrument, but could also be accompanied by a band or an organ. In addition, Karungut can also be used as a traditional media to convey messages of morality, education, health, and the actual issues of local and national level (www.entertainment.id.finroll.com).

Traditional culinary competitions is also a charm in the event Tira Tangka Balang. There are several types of cooking competitions are held, such as pakasak menempek lamang and Kenta. Pakasak lamang is the art of cooking rice using bamboo reed, while menempek Kenta is the traditional process of Dayak when making food with ingredients typical Dayak sticky rice which is now very rare. Therefore, the implementation of Tira Tangka Balang Festival held on a regular basis is a culture of work that must still be done to preserve the customs, culture and the arts community of Central Kalimantan.

C. Location

Tira Tangka Balang Festival
Festival of arts and culture Tira Tangka Balang held once every year in the Kabupaten Murung Raya, Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Venue for arts and cultural festival every year alternately in turn Murung Raya sub district designated as the host.

D. Access

Joyless Raya Regency is located right in the middle of Central Kalimantan province that could be achieved through various channels, either by land, river and air. Apart from Palangkaraya which is the capital of Central Kalimantan Province, District Murung Kingdom can also be reached from the border areas of these districts, like District of Kapuas Hulu (West Kalimantan) and the District of West Kutai (East Kalimantan) in the north, and West Kutai District North Barito regency (Central Kalimantan) on the east, Gunung Mas (Central Kalimantan) and Kapuas Hulu District (West Kalimantan) to the west, and the District of North Barito and Kapuas (Central Kalimantan) in the south (www.regionalinvestment.com ).

There are two alternatives that can be taken overland journey from the city of Palangkaraya to get to Puruk Cahu, the district capital Murung Kingdom. First, the road trip can be reached from the city of Palangkaraya, then pass Buntok, Muara Teweh, until at Puruk Cahu. Alternative travel through the first line takes about 12 hours. The second route also depart from the city of Palangkaraya, Banjarmasin later, Muara Teweh, and ends at Puruk Cahu, with journey times longer than the first route, ie less than it could take 20 hours. However, it recommended better choose the latter route, although longer travel time, due to better road quality, which has a smooth paved road. Whereas if you take the second path, although relatively short, but road conditions were still not so good, that is a mixture of asphalt, sand, soil, and corals (Mirzantio Erdinanda, www.mirzantio.blogspot.com).

Besides land routes, there are still alternative travel by other routes, namely through the river via the Barito River. District Murung Kingdom can also target by air due to the flight service Murung Kingdom has begun to open. If departing from Palangkaraya or Balikpapan (East Kalimantan district), now available flight services that will take tourists to the District Murung Kingdom with a faster time and comfortable. However, due to limited facilities, if you choose to Murung Kingdom air travel, the traveler must spend a significant financial cost, plus the arrival of flight schedules that may not be there every day (Mirzantio Erdinanda, www.mirzantio.blogspot.com).

E. Ticket Price

To watch a series of artistic and cultural events are unique in Tira Tangka Balang Festival event, visitors do not charge a penny for the show have been used as a routine agenda and is one object of amusement for the people of Great Britain and surrounding district Murung. However, do not impose a tariff is not known whether this also applies to tourists from abroad.

F. Accommodation and Facilities

In addition to enjoying the arts and cultural tourism with the following agenda Tira Tangka Balang Festival, District Murung Kingdom also offers a wide selection of other attractions that are no less interesting, include natural attractions such as whitewater rafting, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, natural forests, and hot springs, and hunting park, the park biodiversity, and agro-tourism. Historical sights Semam Mausoleum Mausoleum of Sultan Muhammad (Sultan of Banjar Kingdom) and Special Interest Konut (traditional house of Dayak) can also be a choice of other tourist attractions. District Murung Kingdom also had a destination other than another, namely gold mining locations named Pandulangan Masuparia Gold, located in the foothills Manyawang.

Since a young age after bloomed from North Barito regency in 2002, support facilities located in the district Murung Kingdom is also still in development stages. Until now, the number of hotel or inn located in this district are as many as 14 pieces, each six inn located in the District of Joyless, four inns in District Source of Barito, an inn in District Permata Intan, and three hotels in the District Laung Tuhup (www.kabmurungraya.go.id/
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