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Dayak Cultural Ethos Particularly in Central Kalimantan

You do not know then you completely will not care. This article is aiming to introduce the cultural ethics of Dayak tribe in order to be known, understood and loved. This exploration is focusing on Dayak culture particularly in Central Kalimantan region.

There is no attention to bring out any tribe exclusiveness toward this article but it tries to bring about the sense of understanding and acquaintance of each other. It is expected that the article could bring good interaction between the native tribes and the visitors in hand in hand cooperation to put forward Tambun Bungai.

Mamut Menteng Ureh Mameh is the characteristic of Dayaknese people for both male and female.
Mamut Menteng means strong.
Ureh means energetic. That is the character talks about though some people think that the Dayaknese are idled people due to indulge by the nature. Let the accusation be that! The question is: Does it make sense for those idlers to survive on the wildness of the thick jungle? Meaning that in the past life our ancestors lived together with the wildness of the thick jungle and now we are the heirs.
Mameh, to avoid any misunderstanding so here is the illustration about the attitude. In general Dayaknese always try to make concessions through avoiding. For instance one step backward, making concessions, avoiding, then two steps backward, and due to repeating of the concessions time to time therefore the steps backward are also repeated into the edge of a canyon. If the last backward step is continued, he definitely would fall into the canyon. To survive of this condition so there is no other way for Dayaknese to take the step forward and defend their pride. The excessive point has reached to the highest level, the grief has too deep so that it leads to the uncontrolled emotion condition.
Commitment for the Dayaknese is significant. Breaking commitment without any realistic excuses will result into high risk situation. Those who have ever broken down the commitment will loose legitimacy around the neighborhood where they live and will no longer be trusted. This judgment is valid until those have departed from this world. Consequently, people should try to avoid making commitment to Dayaknese unless they have sure about it. If it has already committed thus it is suggested to them to build good communication among each other in order to neutralize any misconception of the commitment.
Isen Mulang means never giving up. It is the Dayaknese motto which has already dissolved into the blood of Dayaknese heirs.
The outsiders who have professional profession and business in Central Kalimantan especially those who have authority to make decisions, the entrepreneurs and the investors are expected to understand this local cultural ethics in order to avoid any misunderstanding and conflict.
If the Dayaknese have decided to defend and make movement toward bad interaction condition with the outsiders, it can be concluded that they could not stand any longer of that and there is also no more space for them to keep the grief deep inside their heart.
There are lots of uniqueness characters of Tambun Bungai Land but it is the way to be. The awareness of the outsiders to adjust and adapt to the character of native people will facilitate those parties to have clear and smooth partnership so that any conflict among them could be avoided.
In my opinion, cultural ethics of native community, , Mamut Menteng, Ureh, mameh, make concession. . . step backward in which also supported by commitment connotation and Isen Mulang as existence motto of Dayaknese, is unique. Not to mention other basic principals of Dayaknese to sacrifice themselves of defending something right for them.
An intellectual actor has ever asked me a question: “When will the Dayaknese people transform?” I answered no words to that question just opened wider my eyes balls.
Different filed will give different corps. So it does with each tribe in Indonesia whereas it has it is own uniqueness. “Bhineka Tunggal Ika”, many varieties but it is still on the same union, Indonesia.
All the best for working, much prosperity in togetherness.

taken from:www.nila-riwut.com

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