Dayak Tribe Wisdom in Huma Betang (Big Traditional Dayak House)

GONG Majalah Seni dan Budaya Nusantara
Diambil dari Resensi - Edisi: 112/X/2009
Oleh: Agus Bing

Actualize the values of local wisdom Dayak tribe. Campursari style became his trademark characteristics.
Huma Sport which is the principle of Dayak life trying musically expressed through "Mangatang Utus" Album of the song tells of local wisdom and sense of togetherness is stylish campursari Dayak style. Verses sung in Dayak Ngaju language used as a communication tool the Dayak in Central Kalimantan. While the instrument is a combination of eastern traditional instruments like the lute, gongs, drums, traditional flutes, which mixed with western musical instruments: electric guitar, piano, drums, and bass.
Like the meaning of Huma Betang, most of the album the song was created by Nila Riwut contains advice to the younger generation there. That, although age has made progress, but is expected not remember the legacy of ancestors. Departed from that existence as a Dayak tribe always uphold the "togetherness" can be understood. As sung in the number Mars Balinga. Song arrangements worked out with a cheerful and enthusiastic style is indeed contain any suggestion that the younger generation expects Dayak tribes still preserve the culture of his ancestors. Although, increasingly threaten civilizations cultural existence is valuable.
Mars Balinga addition, the values of local wisdom can also be appreciated in the number tatu Manaser Penatau Hiang. Song with the tempo being Dayak contains moral teachings which essentially invites the younger generation to always explore the wealth of art and culture and customs Dayak. This song also teach, do not get marginalized Dayak communities, loss of identity.
What is interesting about the whole album number 10 number, besides two songs at the top and songs like Bawin Dayak, Utus Dayak, Ajar Ikei Bue, Taharu, Esun Tambi, Oh Indang oh Apang, Kereng Bangkirai, is on track Mohing Asang . This song, according to information contained in the album cover, has two different shades. On the one hand to offer musical color and ethnic contemporary on the other hand there is also the color of semi-musical orkestra ethnic. However, as the other songs, this song also offers a spirit of togetherness that is expressed through poetry. Ie imaging of the spirit of burning like a regular war drums sounded Ot Danum chiefs in those early days until the struggle against the occupiers in the earth of Borneo.
In short, the album "Mangatang Utus" could be interpreted as a moral representation of the Dayak basically always uphold tingga togetherness. A most essential principle of life which still adhered to the community there. However, apart from the claim, which is basically music is pretty good, but what a sight when more sharpened ethnic color. Although, the format used still using western style shaped band combo.