Central Kalimantan

Central Kalimantan is a province of Indonesia located on the island of Borneo. The capital is Palangkaraya.
This province has 13 districts and 1 municipality.

Natural Condition
Northern Mountains consists Swachner Muller and hills, southern lowlands, marshes, swamps. Bordered by three Indonesian province of East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and West Kalimantan, and Java Sea. Humid tropical climate, crossed equator line.
Manyare unknown, with a variety of coastal areas, mountains / hills,lowlands and marshes, all kinds of natural tropical vegetation dominatethis area. Orang Utan are animals that are still endemic in many areas particularly inCentral Kalimantan, Tanjung Putting National Park to reach 300,000 hain West Kotawaringin and Seruyan. Thereare bears, porcupines, gibbons, bekantan, monkeys, proboscismonkey, pangolin, crocodile, lemur, freshwater whales (tampahas),arowana, manjuhan, marine biota, sea turtles, bald, bird hornbill / enggang / tingang, parakeet / parrot and Other high varied.

Natural Resources
Forest dominated the region 80%. Primary forest remaining around 25% of the total area. Land area currently dominated garden started Palm reaching 700,000 ha (2007). Rubber and rattan plantations the people are scattered almost throughout the region, especially in the regency of Kapuas, Katingan, Home Knives, Gunung Mas and East Kotawaringin. Many kinds of potential natural resources, among others who have worked coal, gold, zircon, iron. There is also copper, kaolin, stone and others.

Ethnic Groups
Generalterm Dayak in Central Kalimantan is the Dayak tribe Ngaju (dominant),other tribes who lived on the coast is the Banjar Coastal Malaysaccount for 25% of the population. Dayak tribe in Central Kalimantan, among others:

* Ot Danum Dayak
* The Dayaks Ngaju
* The Dayaks Bakumpai
* The Dayaks Maanyan
* Dayak Dusun
* The Dayaks Lawangan
* Dayak Siang Murung
* Dayak Punan tribe
* The Dayaks Sampit
* The Dayaks of West Kotawaringin
* The Dayaks Katingan
* The Dayaks Bawo
* The Dayaks Taboyan
* The Dayaks Mangkatip

1. Language Introduction
As in most parts of the country other independent Indonesia, Central Kalimantan community using the Indonesian language as the medium. Most borneo independent community of Central Kalimantan (approximately 60%), especially in urban areas has been known and using the Indonesian language to communicate, especially as the language of instruction in government and education. Indonesian lesson has been taught to students from primary school.

2. Everyday language
Ethnic diversity and ethnic Indonesian causes influenced various dialects. Butmost of the local language is only used in a family environment, localcustoms activities and places to stay, not used officially as alanguage of instruction in government and education. Most of the population of Central Kalimantan consists of Dayak tribes. Dayak tribes themselves composed of several sub-tribes. Dayak Ngaju Languageis the language of Dayak the most widely used in CentralKalimantan (lingua franca), especially in areas Kahayan and Kapuasriver, Dayak Ngaju language also subdivided in various sub-languagelike Dayak Katingan and Dayak Rungan Rungan .

Also Ma'anyan Language and Ot'Danum also widely used. Ma'anyanwidely used language in the Barito river basin and its surroundings, atleast there are two kinds of languages and dialects of the same clusterMa'anyan language and the language of Dusun (Dusun sub-tribe wholived in the tribe Ma'anyan). While the language used by Ot'Danum many Dayak tribes in the upper Ot'Danum Kahayan and Kapuas river.

Thereis also a language derived from the afternoon of Dayak Siang (Tanah Siang), the language of the tribe Taboyan language Taboyan tribeand Bakumpai of Bakumpai. Eachtribe has a language and dialect of their own, this is why the Dayaktribe language difficult to learn by migrants, very different from thelanguage contained in Java such as Central Java and East Java still hasa similar meaning and significance in the language.

Immigrant community groups also provide the diversity of language for people of Central Kalimantan. Languageis quite often used in everyday life is the Banjar language because ithas geographical proximity to South Kalimantan region inhabitedpredominantly by ethnic / Banjar, and quite a lot of Banjar people who wanderand trade to Central Kalimantan.

Onceupon a time my friend asked me to teach him Dayak language, because hewants to approach a girl at her school, the girl from the Dayak tribe:"Would you tell me ... what his Dayak language I love you ..."
I'm just confused, how to answer, then I asked him: "comes from the Dayak tribe where the girl?"
He said: "The girl seemed to come from Dayak Kenyah tribe"
I smiled and said: "I can not tell you the Dayak language I love you ... because he would not understand"
My friend confused, then asked: "do not you both from the Dayak tribe?"
Ianswered: yes true we were both from the Dayak tribe ... but from adifferent tribe ... I am from a mixture of Dayak Ngaju and Dayak Dusunwhile he's from Dayak Kenyah tribe ..., it means that our language wasdifferent "

My friend just scratching your head even more confused ....

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